Friday, February 23, 2007

Original or not?

There is always something new to think about. Was it original or is it aftermarket? Last night while brushing my teeth I was staring at the tile. I am almost certain that the floor is original, but what about the aqua tile around the base? When did that happen? And what about the cabinet? Was it originally painted? How can I find this out? Should I be a total tweaker and do research on what was done in bathrooms at this time or should I do what I want for us? Well, anyway I am starting on the fireplace tonight after work. The mysteries of the bathroom will have to wait.


erica said...

i vote for going with what you want. seems sometimes restoring stuff is over-rated and over-priced. when you guys come out for turkey day, i should take you to rejuvenation. they've got a combination of lovely antiques and tons of really nice repro stuff...and all of it expensive. last time i went, i think all i could afford was a door knocker. ha! they've got a nice website

LBTudor said...

I am kinda familiar with them. I have a few of their catalogs. Very nice stuff, super expensive. Its nice how they break it down by time period. It would be nice to go to the store. Neato.