Thursday, February 22, 2007

Week One

The first week has been great. We have found things in our house that we had not even thought we going to exist. I discovered that under the linoleum in the kitchen there is hard wood. That was a shocker! Also, last night while eating a grilled cheese that Nelson gratefully made me. I looked up and noticed a notch coming out of the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room. DISCOVERY! There should be a swinging door here. Great one more thing to put on the "to-do" list. This list is growing so fast.

Now my biggest problem is where to start.

I think the kitchen is the most important and the biggest project. I think I might save that for last. My mom gave me the advise to start small. I think that is great advice. Perhaps the living room is a nice place to start. At least I can watch TV while scraping paint off the fireplace. Thanks to Nelson who ran the cable on day 2. Good job babe!

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Aimee said...

Hi Sasha,
It's Aimee from Mullet Beach Gallery in St. Augustine, FL where your mom shows her paintings. :)
VERY CUTE blog so far! And you are an awesome couple to be so in love with each other even during the moving & deconstruction! That is usually a grumpy time for most folks! Cheers to you!:) Can't wait to follow your tale!