Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't be a Mater Hater

I did it. I ate my first tomato. I have eaten million's of mater's in my life. But never, NEVER have I eaten one that I have grown. I think its pretty cool.

Nels was out of town. He really missed out. I guess I should have sliced and frozen it or something. But looking at the garden there will be plenty of opportunities for him to eat some home grown style.

Mater hater's beware!


Anonymous said...

that looks sooo good. the perfect 'mater!

Audra said...


Looks like things are going well!!!

erica said...

poor did the right thing eating it though. freezing would have made the tomato sad. we've got baby tomatoes on our plants, but it's way too early here for them to ripen, so we're still waiting. christian built us new front stairs today. hooray!