Friday, July 6, 2007

Shopping Trip

The husband was not out of town longer than 12 hours and I was off and running. I figured since it was a holiday week the traffic might be lighter. After work I raced up to Hollywood to go to my favorite store. I few years ago I discovered Tara it is a home store with everything I love. Its full of beautiful things made in India. Lush fabrics and everything smelling yummy.

When mom was here visiting we bought some curtain panels and some pillows from the Melrose store. Since then I have been back to the Venice store and yesterday I went to the Bazar store on the other end of Melrose. I have decided that I like the store that mom and I went to the best.

Regardless, I bought a coffee table and 2 curtain panels for the dining room windows. I know the color is a little crazy but its very deco. For some reason I am drawn to this color. There were some ceramic pots I found in the garage that were this color and I started using this bowl for keys and other things.

I like the color, hopefully the husband will feel the same.

Would you say robin's egg blue or turquoise?


mom said...

blue curtains in dining room? interesting!

mom said...

the coffeetables' gorgeous!

Christi said...

I'm going to say the curtains are "robin's egg" blue... too light for turquoise in my opinion.

mom said...

looks like the color of the Gulf of Mexico