Friday, July 20, 2007

Things Are Falling Down Around Us

These picts are from this morning. Looks like things are falling apart. Who knew we were so rotten? I'm not sure if Nizzle is going to replace the boards with new ones or try and repair the ones that have "fallen" off. From what I know of the guy he is going to try and salvage whatever he can.

He also said the sprinklers were probably part of the problem. The windows were getting drenched. I thought we went through all the cycles. Guess we missed the ones on the side of the house.


mom said...

oops! the boys will fix it for u

erica said...

ugh. that's a bummer. seems there's always something that comes up when you're dealing with an old house. i'll send you pics soon of our upstairs remodel. christian's been kicking some ass up there! should be done in maybe 2 weeks.