Thursday, September 13, 2007

Da Yard

Took some shots this morning. Tried to take a pan of the backyard. Semi success. Funny cuz only 1/2 is blurry. Can you guess which half? I bet if I ask the Husband this weekend he can set up the tri pod and take some good ones.

Also, please enjoy the non-burgundy ceiling, we are. And the beautiful fireplace that needs to be cleaned with muratic acid. The trim and door need to be touched up. After finishing painting at 8pm on saturday night there was no way in HELL I was picking up a paintbrush on sunday. I'll finish this weekend. Should be extremely simple to finish the archways and around the pastel colored stainglass window.

It would be so much more fun to have something else in that spot. Originally I wanted something bright and fun. Well, actually my first thought was to paint over with different colors. Now I am thinking a little mini french crank window might be cool.

Who knows. Its so far down the list don't even know why I mentioned it.

We get to mow this weekend. So excited! Jealous? You can say.

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