Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun With Fall

There has not been much to report. We have been spending the weekends at birthday parties and pulling weeds.

I am trying to save my money for furniture and some bigger items I need to purchase. So no new plants have been bought. I have been looking for good deals on craigslist. Sometimes that is a nice way to go.

Saw some pictures on cottageliving.com perhaps this weekend we could decorate a little bit. Hard to think about fall when living in Southern California. The weather here has still been a bit hot. Too hot to think about roasting pumpkins. Although the nesting clock says its time to start cooking things.

Any pumpkin carving ideas?


Christi said...

Every time I see this, I laugh hysterically. http://www.halloween-cartoons.com/pumpkin_toss.html
(If you were here with me now, you would see me laughing... hysterically.)

LBTudor said...

That rules. We are so doing that. Do you think it will attract flies?

erica said...

heh heh heh...