Monday, November 19, 2007

Da Floor

Not sure if you remember the story of when we took possession of the property we spent all night ripping out cat piss stained carpet. Under the carpet was (other than cat piss soaked padding) an unstained floor.

I stained all the windows with a dark teak. I had some left over and put some on the floor. Nothing happened. I wonder if there is a different stain for the floor. Should I sand the back hallways first? I don't think I should do anything to the living room/dining room as it looks like they have been sanded enough. You can only sand so many times until there will be no more floor. Once I figure out what I'm doing I will probably do the whole house all one color. Hopefully I will have the kitchen lino ripped out and the house will all be one.

Please excuse the demon face in the picture. He was simply protecting me from the evil camera monster.


Jennifer said...

Hmm... I wonder if the floor just sort of "ate" the stain? I'm thinking that because it is so old and dry, and because it is rougher due to having never been finished, that it just ate it?

I think you have to sand before you stain, because otherwise the finish keeps it from soaking in, too...

Your house is very cute looking! I love those Tudor houses!

mom said...

try sanding a small sample patch in the hall to see how it looks.

i like the patina of the living/dining room.

Christi said...