Friday, November 16, 2007

Do It Sissy

Since we are going out of town for Thanksgiving (not that it has to do with anything) I have told myself that we are for sure working on our own house this weekend. I have to fix the friggin bathroom window. Mostly because we are going to Portland and ya know what that means? I get to personally step foot into Rejuvenation. This is the mecca for home fixtures. I am excited to see the brother and sister-in-law. But this is a darn close second.

Back to the window. If I can get it to function properly maybe i'll be able to buy a new latch for it. I would love to buy a light fixture for outside the dining room door. Perhaps I can somehow Jedi mind trick the husband into buying me one for Christmas.

We have also turned into neighborhood do gooders. We are now volunteering in the Wrigley neighborhood native California planting project. Pretty much expert hole diggers. Its nice. Someday when we are old we can go and sit by the tree that we planted. Awe, how sweet.

Have a great weekend.

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