Monday, January 7, 2008

Tax Time

My goal for finishing the breakfast room was so I had a decent place to sit while I did my taxes. I need some creative energy to get me through the pain. Today I set up my "office". I had to go to the dreaded IKEA. Its not that its a bad place its just HUGE and total chaos.

So I go and get the wrong size blinds for the windows. Now I have to go back. Its painful to think about. I actually got back in the truck to go make the return and I went to Target instead. It was equally painful. I should have just buckled down and went back to IKEA.

All this is because I was avoiding making my own curtains. Lazy? No time? I don't know. I'm screwed.


mom said...

cute room!

erica said...

grrrrr...ikea...i have some stupid curtain rods that i've been putting off returning (they said they were the correct length, but when fully extended to that length, they won't support anything and fall apart)

office looks good though!