Saturday, February 2, 2008

We Got The Beet

Note to self: Do not plant the golden swiss chard next to the golden beets. You will not know that the heck is going on. Look st these 2 pictures. I thought it was all chard. WRONG. I even picked some lettuce up by the root wondering if it was the beets. Well now I know.

The one that looks like chard but has a little more sheen on the leaf is the beet. And upon closer inspection now I can see the root ball. Looks cute. All golden and tiny. I'll give it a few more weeks before I rip one up and try it. I threw some more seeds in the ground now that I know they are a success. Guess what, the seeds look just like chard seeds. And now we know.

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Kate H. said...

If you do pull the beets by mistake, it's not a total loss. Read something on line today about beet greens being good for you (

Amazing to see garden photos at this time of year. Chard or beets, your plants look great.