Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Die Die Die My Darling

OK, there was lots and lots of feedback about the snails. In a haste I did buy Sluggo. I sprinkled some around the edges of the beds. While I was out there I must have picked off a good dozen snails. The next day I went to do a body count. I didn't see any on the ground.

This past weekend I rotated some crops (add snapping sounds here) and did some more snail search and kill. I found that they had pooped on the golden chard but I guess the leaves were too tough because there were no chunks taken. There was a lot more on the parsley than I ever knew.

So, thanks for all the tips. I put the beers out and hopefully have it under control. I also threw some Sluggo outside the beds on the mulch for good keeping. Hopefully this won't happen again.


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