Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fancy Roses

I don't know anything about roses. I am surprised by how well they do in California. Maybe I have always lived where it was too wet for roses? Maybe I just never noticed. This is one of our purchases from Roger's Gardens. I hope to train it to come over the corner of the porch and climb up where the temporary house numbers are now.

The rose expert said we only needed one bush to cover a lot of ground. It looks a little sad all alone. Maybe I'll get some other porch plants going now that I'll have to start watering our new rose.

*Sorry, its called the Fourth of July. Pretty uh?


Christi said...

Don't forget to get a bag of ladybugs to eat the aphids... you can start new bushes from your cuttings - just stick 'em in the ground and they'll root fairly quickly. You may need to invert a plastic bottle to get the whole terrarium effect. That's usually what my mom does. She's a rose queen!

erica said...

christian sometimes just sprays diluted dr bronners to kill aphids and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Aphids? Maybe thats whats on my "indestructible" plant =(