Friday, April 4, 2008

Big and Littles

Last night we ate the choke. I boiled them until tender and I was going to finish them off on the grill but we were out of gas. It was too late to get the charcoal going so we just suffered.

They were really good. We cooked a small one and a medium sized one. We did a total comparison of taste, tenderness and texture. We liked the larger one better. The small one was also yummy but it seemed to lack the leaf size. Ya know, the big leaf with all the meat on it? It just was not mature enough.

The larger of the 2 was definitely the ticket. It was so soft. There was no pulp around the heart like you find in the grocery store.

We used melted butter and also had another soy sauce dipping sauce.

It was very nice.


Jennifer said...

MMmm... sounds good. From your own garden, even! Yum.

Christi said...

Can I get dibs on the next one?!

Iworktohard said...

What a beautiful little house, and plants too.