Monday, April 21, 2008


Sunday we went to the Fullerton Arboretum plant sale. It was nice. Not totally mind blowing but I definitely came home with a small wagon full.

It was a nice day. Lots of people were out. I bought a banana tree, come cannas, a few dahlia bushes, a checkerboard fuchia. Not too much. I was looking for lilies and roses. Didn't see much of either. There were alstromeria but I was not really looking for that. Might be good in the front but trying to focus on the side yard. Aside from the banana of course.

Took a few pictures. There was a well fed rooster strutting around.

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Christi said...

I've got your roses covered. My mom has started a coral colored rosebush for you from some cuttings she took this weekend. We'll have to coordinate adoption as soon as it's ready!!