Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Base Was Always There

The holiday weekend was well spent. The Husband spent most of Saturday fixing a sagging power line while I was yes, shopping. I bought a beautiful table for the living room. It will look even better once I level the crooked lamp that I plopped on top of it.

I did start the scraping of the paint. Under the paint there is a layer of stain. At one time it must have looked beautiful. The only thing I can figure is that it is going to be one mother of a job. I worked on it myself and I came to the conclusion that it is indeed a 2 person job. It is already going to take all summer to get it done but maybe with me and The Husband both working on it, might go a little quicker.

The flashback started to come around hour 2. I started thinking of all the fun I had with the windows and the casings. Seems that I recall spending last summer doing that. Burns from the heat gun and the numbness of the arms. At least with the windows I was able to work outside. This task I am crawling around on the floor.

Here are some nice artsy shot The Husband took of the first go round of the base boards. Wish us luck.


mom said...

L U C K !!!

Adriana said...

Ooh la la... the walkway is beautiful!