Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Love Again

We are so fortunate to have a restoration expert living in our neighborhood. His name is Brent and he is the owner of Studio One Restoration. He has done work in a bunch of the houses in our area. I have seen his work and its mind blowing. The house that Adriana and Hector bought was worked on by him for over a year and its just fa-nominal.

He walked around our house with us and mentioned he had been in it before. I guess he and the PO had talked about working on the bathroom. We talked about the floors and what's original and what's not. Boy was I wrong. Well sorta. He said the tile in the bathroom was all original. Except for the shower which we knew. What had stumped me was the robin's egg blue base tile, since it was the only part in the whole room with that color I figured it was an add on. He said the matching detail was probably in the shower. In 1927 the shower was a tub in 1950ish they converted the tub to a shower and extended the tile work. That's where we lost the detail.

Some other interesting facts are the baseboards. Guess what? They are still there. Yes folks that's right. Under 80 years of plaster and paint lie my precious baseboards.

Hey Shannon, can I borrow your heat gun again? Good grief.

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