Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stump Farm

The down side of chopping a bunch of trees down is not destroying the homes of little critters or taking away from the recycling of the air pollution. Its that the yard looks like I am growing a stump farm. There are 2 in the front and 1 in the back. Soon be be another one in the backyard. I need to chop that last tree down and clean up the palm tree that is underneath . Its worth it in the end but what a hassle it has been.

We can't plant anything in the front until I get these 2 stumps out of here. I suppose its time to make some calls and get someone to remove it. They will have to rent a stump grinder and probably bust a bunch of sprinkler heads in the process.

Will be worth it. That front window is our bedroom and I would love to plant a Japanese Maple in front of it. This summer is going to be hot and no shade is going to be a killer.

Time to get on it.

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Jennifer said...

Or.... just create a raised garden around each stump, cover with dirt, water, and plant. It will slowly decompose... especially if you fertilize the plants!