Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Beach Unified

This might be the coolest thing Long Beach Unified has going for it. Los Cerritos Elementary. I know where our kid (when we have 1) will be going to school.

*Kelli, thanks for the invitation to tour the gardens. Unfortunately I wont be able to attend this time. Please keep me on the guest list for another time. I would love to come and tour your amazing gardens. Keep up the good work, teach the kids to grow and eat yummy foods.

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kelli said...

You can tour the gardens anytime! Friday afternoons in the garden is my mission for fall...Please feel free to pop over on your way to the wetlands! (see dominguez gap post on school blog) I have been watching herons fly over my house morning and night these days!

Get ready...next year I am thinking we will do a vegetable garden tour! We have a parent blog (loscerritoselementary.com) for school as well, where we are trying to post local bits of neighborhood joy!

And, I love your house!