Monday, August 18, 2008

The Dumping Ground

We made la lista and took the big assessment. It came down to this. We can either just clean the room and hang a new window treatment or we can get this room up and running once and for all. We have about a month before Momochan arrives but considering all the other things we have going on we realistically have 2 weekends.

And of course we decided to go for it. We cleaned out all the boxes and dust bunnies and started scraping paint. This room must have been used the most. It has had the most facelifts. There was 5 layers of paint that I saw right away. I had to do 2 passes with the heat gun and I think I am going to have to use the chemicals too. The Husband started on the crusty windows.

Honestly, after the washing of the walls and taking out all the boxes it already looks better. Its a race to the finish. Can we make it? With our luck Momochan will find a great flight and be here next week. Ha, that would suck.

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erica said...

that doesn't look fun...the picture rail is fancy though!