Monday, August 4, 2008

Its Not Purple...Its Grey, I sware

The dining room is mostly finished (except for the base shoe but we already talked about that). We are working our way toward the living room. Same old story, use heat gun to scrape the paint, have The Husband sand by hand all baseboards, stain, schallac, repaint all wall trim blah blah blah. There are also a few holes in the walls that need to be patched. One is from an old cable plug that we are not using, might as well plug and patch that big nasty hole.

Anyway, the next exciting project on la lista is the front door. Simply put Its just kinda ugly. Don't get me wrong. We LOVE the door we just don't love how its looking these days. We need to add some sort of interest. We should probably strip and stain the back of the door, change the hardware, polish the peddler sign and do some sort of something on the front. Using the base color that's already on it but creating some kinda patina. Maybe something in the turquoise family?

This should be fun. Should we make a small wager on how many different finishes I try until I'm happy? Too bad after all the work the security screen will still be there. maybe someday we can replace it with a "normal" screen door.

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