Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Other Life

If you have been reading 1928 Tudor for awhile you know that I don't normally post things about my personal life. Its all house all the time, almost like a mullet; business in the front party in the back.

When I am not pulling weeds or scraping paint I am paddling outrigger canoe. I have been in
Lokahi Outrigger Canoe Club for about a year and paddled with another club for a few years before that. This weekend we are doing a race in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. This race is the world's largest long distance canoe race, I get chills just thinking about it. The host club is Kai Opua, and I am gracious that they are welcoming us into their ohana. This might be a once in a lifetime experience for me. You never know what the future will hold.

So, I'll be in Hawaii for the holiday weekend. Hope you all have a great time. Don't work too hard and make sure not to overcook the burgers. See you all next week where we will resume scraping paint, painting walls and preparing for the mother-in-law. I'll be happily off the wagon by then. You have no idea how hard it is to scrape paint without a frosty cold one.

A hui ho!

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Christi said...

How do you say GOOD LUCK in Hawaiian?!