Monday, September 29, 2008

2nd Bedroom

Its so nice to have another bedroom up and running. It makes the house seem that much bigger. After Momochan leaves we need to earthquake proof the cabinet. It makes me nervous with all that glass. Plus its heavier than shit and would surely break if it fell over.

The 3 panels above the bed are from a 1960s entertainment cabinet that I was given that I in turn gave away. It was huge and not really my style. I did like the panels that were used as the sliding doors. I ordered the picture rails hooks from Rejuvenation, maybe I should order a few more. I'm sure The Husband has more things he would like to hang up. For the time being the panel on the right is covering the hole in the wall where the sconce is not going back up. More on that later.

I did get in some gardening this weekend. I planted my sweet peas and threw in some annuals for good measure. Its nice to be working outside again.

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Anonymous said...

looks very nice!