Monday, September 15, 2008

3 Doors Down

We came sooo close to meeting all the goals of the weekend. I didn't have enough time to put the paint on the walls. Other than that we were right on. We stained and shellacked all 3 doors, base boards and jams. We boiled all the hardware and The Husband sand blasted it. Turns out 1/2 is old and 1/2 is new. If I knew that I probably would have just bought new hinges. The painstaking boiling and scrubbing rodeo got old fast.

After work one night this week I will be painting the picture rail along with the windows. Saturday Ill slap the wall paint on then its all shopping and cleaning.

My arms are so tired and my finger nails looks like they were dipped in poop. I wore gloves all weekend until late last night I decided to go ahead and finish up the other 2 jams. Nice walnut colored stain all over my right hand. Woops-

Oh and I threw some garlic cloves in the ground. We shall see if anything happens with that. I need to get my sweet peas in the ground but I want to do it different this year. I need some sort of big Tee pee or something . They out grew my garden fence so fast last year. I love me some sweet peas.

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