Thursday, September 11, 2008

Its Where I Put My Bees

I totally dropped that ball on the whole Sunflower Project. First I got bad seeds from them. When they sent another batch they took a while to sprout. THEN the seeds I bought started to sprout. AND THEN I forgot what seeds were from where. Since I no longer knew which were "official" seeds provided by the organization I decided to say screw it and just enjoy the bees.

These are some nature shots from The Husband. Bees like basil.


Christi said...

Must be Italian bees...

Mike@RuralRenovation said...

I failed the bees too. when I finally got mine it was so hot and dry i was afraid to plant them, then it rained. I got them all set up, and it continued raining everyday for a month. I'm sure the seeds got washed down the hillside and into my lawn, because I never saw any sprouts. I'm sure I mowed over them repeatedly.

But I still have plenty of bees to keep me happy. Next spring I'm putting in a hive for my garden. Yay!