Monday, September 22, 2008


We did it! The room is up and running. We finished all the paint and trim work on Saturday. Sunday we were all over LA like the crazy people we are. We got up in the morning and after The Husband walked the monsters (AKA: Dogs) we went to the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet. After we totally struck out there we were on the hunt. We have to get a piece of furniture for that bedroom.

We went to Crate and Barrel and saw a few pieces that were in the running. There was a little glitch in the day when our neighbor called and said he found a used wood chipper on craigslist and asked if we could go to La Habra Heights and check it out. Sure. So after we bought that then we drove it back to Long Beach and dropped it off at the neighbors then we went to El Segundo to one of my favorite stores, Legends Of Asia. We are so grateful that Andy opened up just for us. We found the most beautiful cabinet, one problem, its huge. I mean we could technically get it in the door but then would have no room left. We measured it out over and over. Its just too big.

So, Crate and Barrel it is. Its a nice piece also but nothing in comparison to that Chinese cabinet. Oh well. Next time.

This week is not over. The mother-in-law comes Friday night. We still need to find a window treatment and do a target run for all the other things we are lacking in life. IE toilet paper. :)

Iʻm so tired!

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