Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get Up Stand Up

Sunday I started to clean the side yard. I think I am going to plant some California Natives and maybe some cordyline. Its a nice section that gets a full helping of sun. Now is the time to plant the natives.

The Husband made me some custom sticks that I used to perk up the pretty plumerias. Maybe they will flower this year. These are older cuttings I have been nurturing for about 6 years. They have been in pots this whole time. If I can remember correctly the flowers should be in the orange and red family.

I dug up 3 huge buckets of yellow iris. I left a few big clumps in the ground so hopefully thinning them out will make it much nicer. I like them but who knows how many years they have been over in that corner producing little iris babies.

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