Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ginkgo Biloba Makes You Smarter

At the Farmers Market on Sunday Momochan bought us a beautiful Ginkgo tree. The plant vendors are a couple of Japanese guys that are a total riot. According to The Husband they speak "country" Japanese, the one guy has a crazy bowl haircut. They are so cool.

Last week they were selling a pair of bonsai azalea trees that I cant stop thinking about. Momochan tried to get us a good deal on those but they were not gonna budge. They did give us a little palm as a free gift. We purchased our flowering plumb from them. Ill buy from them again.

Our new Ginkgo tree has the potential to get really big. I think if we keep it trimmed then it should be alright. I'm going to plant it close to the house so lets hope that I don't regret that decision later.

I hope to get it in the ground while she is still here visiting. That way we can plant it together and watch it grow every year and always remember her trip to our home. I have a beautiful hibiscus that I planted when my mom was here. Its a nice tradition.

Awe, how sweet.

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erica said...

gingkos are so cool. at least here in pee-town, they grow really slow, so the giant ones you see around are suuuper old. nice to think about, since the giant trees are so beautiful.