Monday, October 20, 2008

Whatʻs Up Now?

Saturday my neighbor was over and we were talking about what we are going to do for Thanksgiving. We are having it at our house this year. I'm super excited because my brother and my sister in law are coming down. It will be the first time they have come to Long Beach for a visit.

So as we are talking about gardening and cooking we decided to wait to harvest our fall crops until Thanksgiving. We will have tons of different beets, fennel, artichokes, lettuce, chard, spinach and who knows what else.

As Rachael put it, "whats up now Oregon people?"

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erica said...

Hey! That's me! I love to eat people's veggies! Yr brother makes some really amazingly delicious roasted fennel. I can't wait! (hm...I think I need more exclamation points too...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...gotta lay off the coffee). And...what's up with these Oregon people is that our garden was very sad this year due to it being buried in construction debris. Thank goodness for the CSA!