Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Church Expansion

We got a kick out of their handbook....attached is a small section of items that are considered misbehavior and would result in demerits.

We are assuming "Worldly Music" is anything other than Christian but I do appreciate the consistency with all the sexual offenses, they all got a 5.

And seriously, pagers?


shannon said...

With the addition of a "girl/girl relationship" category, I could have missed an entire school year even without the defiance and tattoos.

LBTudor said...

Shannon, I adore you.

mom said...

at least they'll be quiet. ( no parties or dancing)

Chrsti said...

Are you suggesting that you live OUTSIDE of these rules/regulations? I'm beginning to see you in a whole other light, Sash. Although now that I think of it, you do look like the type of person who enjoys "mixed swimming."

PS - I beeped you last week. Did you get my page?

Adriana said...

Mixed swimming? What’s that?! Questionable activities… includes wedding receptions?

Punishment is suspension which means you aren’t in school… Score! If someone really is “running away” and I don’t mean pretend runaway like I used to do, oh wait, that was just joy riding in stolen cars, shouldn’t the church want to help those “troubled teens?”

It seems like god’s peeps don’t have tolerance for youth in general. I mean c’mon, I was a defiant, rebellious, truant, tattooed kid that was the wrong crowd and did my fair share of threatening. But what kid didn’t do that?

Why S? said...

If breaking the law (burglary, grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon) gets the same points as carrying a pager, does that mean the church considers them equal violations? No pagers at all? What if you're waiting for an organ transplant?

And both offenses are less offensive than pornography? And does that mean Cinemax porn? Or real porn?

I need clarification.