Monday, December 29, 2008

Seed Catalogue

When I said the catalogs were starting to arrive I was not kidding.

This year I am going to try a few new things. I am also going to try a some that didn't work for me but worked for some neighbors. I mean really, I can't grow squash? I see them growing by the side of the 101. Whatever.

We also cleared out a big section by the side door that I am going to plant edibles in. That is the south side of the house and gets a ton of sun. I have some natives I planted there but I am thinking of lining the border of the bed with basil and some other herbs. Perhaps I'll give corn another go. And I really need to get the artichokes out of my raised beds. They are space hogs. Right after they bloom I'll dig them up. How mean.

I hope all of you are making lots of soups and stews with all of your winter greens and herbs. Yum!


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Ack! This reminds me that I haven't provided anyone with my new address for the seed catalogs, which is especially important as I actually have a yard to work with now!

Additionally, I really need to put a thermometer down in the "root cellar" (the space under the front steps, which is unheated), to determine whether things will freeze down there.

mom said...

it's a good time to transplant perennials. Three azaleas just got moved.