Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Mamma!

The behemoth seed order has shipped. I better get to soil blocking or I'm gonna be behind. I'm wondering if I should get a mini greenhouse going for my little babies. Last year I let them live in the breakfast room but perhaps I need to step up my operation. I mostly just direct sew but I bought some stuff that I really want to be successful.

Adriana has a nice mini greenhouse in her backyard. Does anyone have any suggestions? Something small for me please.


mom said...

just plastic and pvc pipe. a temporary tent that is a couple feet tall.

Adriana said...

The little hobby greenhouse I have is from Target. It’s an easy inexpensive no tools needed four shelf set up. It’s a good way to get your trays off your breakfast table and in a warm area with lots of light.

I can’t have one of those shop lights/heating mat get ups. It’s just not aesthetically pleasing. HA!

Anonymous said...

I agree with mom--plastic and PVC pipe...Make a cold frame, which is like a minature greenhouse...Lots of how-tos online.