Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time To Rotate The Crops

I met a new friend while I was out in the garden this weekend. He was cold chillin' on my artichoke plants that I need to rip out of the garden. I'll wait until they flower but after that its Off With Their Heads. They are way too big for that little garden. I love having them around, I have plenty of room in the front for those guys. Maybe even in the parking strip?

Made a HUGE seed order today. I bought everything from Johnny's Seeds. I had been reading all the catalogs and saw some tools and other things I needed so there it was, all in one order.

My beds are ready to go. Maybe next weekend I'll make some soil blocks and get started on some Okra. I'm determined to do better with that this year.


Anonymous said...

Hi, neighbor!

If you're still trying to defray the cost of acquiring Mr. Chipper, I'd be glad to help. I live in Wrigley and am looking for other gardeners--found Adriana's blog through Sunset magazine, of all places.

- Christine.

Adriana said...

Artichoke plants in the parking strip is genius!

Adriana said...

PS, once H peeled a cabbage worm off my back… EW!