Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Old Melting Pot Of ...

In my beautiful Wrigley neighborhood we have lots of things going on. We have so many interesting people who are involved in a variety of things. We have the tree people , the California native habitat people, the Long Beach 2030 General Plan group, we have Victory Gardens, we have my favorite party people, we have rockers, film editors, reporters, activists, we have community leaders, gearheads, hippies, urban farmers and then there are the Christmas Tree lane people.

Here are some pictures I took on SUNDAY MARCH 1st, 2009. Yes, I said March first.

If you are not familiar with Christmas Tree lane is it a stretch of parkway that runs for a few blocks. The WANA people put up decorations and have a parade. Apparently something is wrong with the storage because why in the world would they leave their precious props to die out here in the spring elements. I'm sad for them but I am way more annoyed than sad.

I have heard some of the drama between the WANA group and the Wrigley Association as to why they split and frankly I don't care. It was before we bought our home. We went to all the meetings before we decided what was right for us. We enjoy the Wrigley gang. They are all very nice and motivated people. The WANA group seems to be completely focused on Christmas Tree lane. That being said, what the heck is going on?

The grass is not being cut by the city because they have all their crap out there, the trash is piling up because the city is no longer picking up the garbage. There are tons of neighborhood kids who use to play soccer there on a regular basis, they might have littered but at least they were playing ball instead of watching TV.

What is going on Christmas Tree lane? If we have to look at "Whitey" the snowman all summer then what will we have to look forward to at Thanksgiving when you put him back out?

We are ready to have our greenbelt back.

I miss my nice clean manicured park.


Nelson said...

If I remember correctly, there was a WANA meeting we attended once in mid-August (2007? 2008?) and all they talked about during the meeting was Christmas Tree Lane.

We were told that the planning was very important, even when it was that far off from Christmas. They had seemed to take it very seriously too, which I'm sure is a lot of planning since it also includes a parade/event. I think we went to try another WANA meeting and it was Christmas Laned-Out as well.

I had assumed that since the last Christmas Tree Lane event had a low attendance (and part of the event was canceled because of it), that this whole thing was fizzling out. Are they losing steam? Looks like it from the way some snowmen lay face down on the Daisy Green Belt... in March.

Adriana said...

It looks like Christmas Tree Lane has been foreclosed upon. WANA should store all that Xmas cheer in their garages. It’s a lack of respect for the neighborhood.

Thanks for the blight guys. Like we need more of that!

LBTudor said...

H said he would store the shoe at his house. Might wanna take him up on that.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

I can't believe the city allows them to do that!

Adriana said...

If we store the big shoe at our house it will become a dog house for Rocky.

Seriously though. It looks awful =(

kelli said...

I had no idea this was going on! Wow...I thought I was remiss for keeping my tree up until January 7th!! I now feel like the picture of efficiency. Surely this is illegal.