Monday, March 30, 2009

So Sunny And Nice

Big weekend at The Muffin. The hated tree finally met its match. Its a goner, bye bye leaves and big bad shade. Neighbor S and his kid came over and chopped the rest of it down. We still need to chop off the stump and chop up all the wood for firewood but the bulk of it is gone. We have our backyard back. Big thanks to The Husband too, He is the mulch master. Amazing that the mulch we generated from that big ass tree was only enough to do the parking strip, the veggie patch and around the big tree in the back of the yard.

Also went to Armstrong and bought some nice things for the veggie garden. We put some tomatoes, basil and corn in the ground as well as threw out a ton of seeds into the parking strip. Some of the seeds were old so I don't know if they will produce anything. Hopefully we will have little sprouts of thyme and cilantro popping up around the stone steps.


Anonymous said...

be careful with freshly made wood mulch in your garden. It will suck the nitrogen from the soil.

LBTudor said...

We let the mulch cook for 2 weeks, I hope that was enough.