Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long Beach Plant Sale

Friday was a well needed day off from work, Union holiday bro. So I went to the Long Beach Community College plant sale. It was pretty late in the day so there were not that many people there, not much plants either. Next year I am going on the first day, bright and early. I heard there was a line out the door of people trying to get in to get the goods.

I picked up 5 1 gallon flowering garlic plants. While I was checking out there was a teacher there writing up my ticket. He was speaking to one of the kids and showing him that those were the plants that he had worked on. The student had separated and replanted all the plants I was purchasing. He seemed very proud of his work. I told him that I had a beautiful garden and his plants would have a nice home. The look in that emo kids eyes were unforgettable. He then gave me a ride to my truck in one of the flat bed golf carts. He was a cool kid, I wish him the best.

All-in-all a great sale. And yes I bought more tomato plants and no I do not need them. Its a problem.

Not sure what kind of palm this is but there are 100's growing in little pots all over the green house. Maybe they will be for sale next time.

Bananas growing on the border of the vegetable garden, beautiful fruit and flowers on these trees.

These artichoke plants were as tall as me but had no flowers. Not sure why. Maybe not enough sun? It did not look like they had been cut already. Beautiful plants though.


Christi said...

I'll trade you a rosebush for some garlic....

LBTudor said...

This variety only flowers and stinks. But we do have some edible garlic growing in the raised beds. I'll put your name on a few cloves. Oh and that rose bush is already mine. 2x giver!

kelli said...

Hi Sasha! You do have to go the first day to take it all in...mad house!! The only thing I HAD to have was 1 gallon strawberry trees, but I mistakenly waited and they were gone when I went back for them. I picked up a bunch of stuff from the green house. And really wish I had grabbed a vanilla orchid!! I am going back for that one...I think they have sales every Friday?

Also, I believe the artichokes are cardoons. I have been compiling recipes for them...you eat the stalks like braised celery. Very hardcore Italian type dishes so far. If the seedlings didn't fry today, I have a bunch if you're interested!