Monday, June 29, 2009

I Heart Long Beach...Port

Today I would like to thank the port of Long Beach. They are trying to expand, they have donated parks and other things trying to bribe the public into thinking that they are not the monster. I mean what would my fellow Long Beach residents do with a long life? From what I hear good health and happy retirement are overrated anyway.

Amongst the smog parks and polluted beaches the port does have a trucks going green program. I suppose that something is better than nothing. The teamsters have a problem with it but ya know what. Time to get a new truck, screw it. They are talking about a better rail system instead of all the diesel trucks going up and down the 710 corridor but the opposition of that is they have to actually build it which will take too many years. They have the defense that they are creating jobs, we have the complaint that we are dying an early death. Its a long ass fight that nobody wins.

Here is the latest offer from The Port of Long Beach. This is taken from the Wrigley Area News & Events. They are simply reporting what's happening and I thank them for that.

Port Grants Meeting- Wed, June 17th 7pm Hudson Elementary School, 2335 Hudson St Also June 24 at Memorial Medical Center, 2801 Atlantic Avenue Air filters for schools, health education projects eligible Schools, daycare centers, convalescent homes, senior centers, medical facilities, shipping terminals and others are eligible for $15 million in Port of Long Beach grants to minimize the impact of Port operations on air quality and greenhouse gases. The grants program is part of a comprehensive strategy to offset the impacts of port-related operations in the community, primarily air pollution risks for vulnerable groups such as children and seniors. Examples of projects that may be eligible for grants include air filtration systems at schools, daycare centers, and senior health care centers. Port officials will discuss the grants and be available at the meetings to answer questions about grant eligibility and how the funds will be awarded. A citizen advisory committee will be formed to make recommendations to the Port’s Board of Harbor Commissioners. The $15 million in grants will be divided equally among three general areas: 1) Schools and related sites. 2) Healthcare and senior facilities. 3) Greenhouse gases project.

So I can't get a air filtration system because I'm not old or because I have not reproduced. Um...thanks.

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