Monday, November 30, 2009

Pre Thanksgiving Dinner

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving my friend Kelli and I went to the Santa Monica Farmers Market to finish up our shopping. I had done most of my shopping already but was looking for the essentials. Carrots, celery (bought the hydro, amazing), rhubarb and whatever else I saw that was sparkly. Like some clams?

I'm sorry that I did not pick up his card but these clams came from a farmer (yes, you can still be a farmer if you are growing seafood) down in San Diego. He had a cute set up. Selling oysters by the dozen or you could stand there and shuck them yourself throw some of his provided lemons and Tabasco and have a little mid morning snack.

These clams I made with white wine, Portuguese sausage, shallots and lots of garlic. It was a little too salty for me. Not sure if it was the clams themselves or the sausage or what. But the Husband enjoyed them.

Either way it was a nice prelude to the upcoming turkey.

Happy holidays!

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erica said...

Yum! I wish the folks that sell oysters at our farmer's market had a lil' shucking station. Maybe I suggest that! Wish you were going to be slurping down oysters at the Beachcomber with us in January...I can hardly wait!