Thursday, April 7, 2011

Leaf me alone!

For the last 6 months or so I have been getting messy ally citations from the city of Long Beach. My elm tree is dropping leaves and getting me in trouble. That combined with the garbage the neighbors leave after they are done woopin' it up and I'm in trouble with code enforcement.

So I hired Jimmy's tree service to come and cut her back. WAY back. It was time anyway there was a few big branches that had fallen off over the years and it was looking pretty shabby. But it was hiding the big apartment building that sits back there in the corner which now we have the pleasure of looking at.

 I asked them to leave all the inside branches so when it grows back it can once again shield us from the apartment building. Although nobody is living there right now, just fixing it up to rent I think.
 They also cut down a big queen palm that lots its head a few years ago. One morning we came outside to the head of the palm tree sitting in the backyard. Good thing it didn't land on the neighbors garage or take out my plumeria tree. We did leave a tall enough piece to hold the hammock. Maybe someday we can get a tiki carved into it. That would be fun!

I admit I had chipper envy.

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erica! said...

That's sad...but good thinking keeping the palm trunk. A good spot to hang a hammock is mandatory in any awesome back yard. Plus, if I remember right, it was a ginormous pain in the ass when my parents had the queen palms removed from their back yard in Snottsdale (The genius previous owners planted the palms mere inches from the cinder block/stucco fence).