Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Let there be LIGHT!

I love my street. On moving day I met my first neighbor. He came walking up and introduced himself and told me a little ditty on some of the folks on the street. He was very nice. I could tell he was dying to go in the house, we walked around and he got to scope out the place. He told me he was a tree surgeon. Lucky me! We just happen to have a bunch of trees that need to get wacked. I could tell the overgrown maple in the front yard was bugging him. He has probably been looking at it for years.
We ran into each other on sunday and he told me he was off the next day and ready to get to work. YAY! I came home from work monday to my maple all over the yard. It is very exciting. Even with the awning removed and 1/2 of the tree trimmed we are no longer the dark creepy house on the corner. (Well, 3rd house from the corner) We are gonna be bright and cheery if it kills me, damn it! So enjoy the day and see the sky. Except now when we lay in bed we see the street light. I really need to get some window coverings. Yikes.

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