Monday, March 26, 2007

My new friend trash pile

We have had 2 trash piles in the past. The first one was gross. It had all the nasty carpet and cabinets from when we first moved in. It was mostly just trash. The second one was yard trash and tons and tons of left over dog shit. So gross. Our neighborhood gotjunk? guy Armando helped us to remove those piles. They were "normal" sized trash piles. This time we decided to go big. Under all the tree debris there are cabinets from the garage, and some other I forgot what. We still need to tear down the gazebo, the rotten pergola, the rest of the cabinets from the garage, all the junk from the loft in the garage, the awnings out front, the list is quite long. I think this time we might need to get a dumpster. How exciting!

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