Monday, March 26, 2007

See you tomorrow corn

This weekend we planted our veggie garden. We planted tons of herbs, peppers, tomatoes, marigolds, greens, onions, I even threw in some artichoke seeds just for fun. There are blackeyed susan seeds around the fence on the left and sunflower seeds on the right. I shopped friday night after work and it took all day saturday (and 1 trip to Lowe's) to finish. I am so happy with the result I could almost cry. I woke up early sunday morning and rushed outside to see if anything exciting happened. Could something possibly have sprouted? Please! Um, no. I have to wait. Dang it all! My friend Morris use to say, "See You Tomorrow Corn". Anytime we would BBQ or corn was served it just kinda became a thing to say. So, Nelson and I were sitting staring at our creation when it dawned on me. Not only am I growing the corn that we are going to cook then eat but we will totally see it tomorrow. What a trip!

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