Monday, March 19, 2007

The Beds are Down

Every good cook should have a bitchin' garden. Yesterday we took our first step in making that happen. The PO had a fountain, we have no idea when the fountain actually worked or when it died but since we first looked at the house there was no fountain. Only bricks and a big round focal point of nothing. The perfect place to start my garden. First I sledgehammered the brick border, then I went to HD and rented a rototiller, came home and started getting busy. That was right around the time Nelson came outside. I think the smell of burning gas peaked some interest. He took over from there. We raked and tilled for about 3 hours. The grass had grown up so high that it was about 4" to 6" higher then the walkway. Safety hazard. No BBQ injuries needed. The end result was great. I am now ready to get some soil and filler her up. Let's see, we need mint for julips, green onions for fried rice, cabbage for kalua pork, tomatoes for BLT. I'm drunk and full just thinking about it. Except this morning when I checked my mail I got a picture of doggie with dirty nose. Maybe the fence should go up first. Bad dog!


erica said...

i keep threatening to build better vegetable beds and then work keeps interfering. stupid work. at least i weeded the darn thing this weekend. *sigh* i'm excited for you though. that's awesome! christian bought a rototiller on craigslist a couple years ago. i think it's broken already. he looked cute using it though.

Al said...

Good luck with the garden.
Looks like things are moving right along.