Monday, March 19, 2007

We like poop

If you have a dog, especially a big dog then you know how wonderful it is to pick up poop. Our dog likes to wait until you have walked the yard and picked up all the old poop and then take a big poo right where you just cleaned. Good dog. Instead of bagging and throwing away the poo we recycle it. I know it sounds strange but we are big fans of the doggie dooley. It is a plastic tower with a flip lid. You dig a hole- wish I had taken a picture, it was a great hole- and then you put the tower in the hole and cover up the sides. Fairly simple. Then you dump enzymes it in, add poop, water that's it. No more bagging. I hope that Vilano will get the hint and someday I will come home to her sitting on the "toilet" doing her thing. That would rule!

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