Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Boo of the Yard

In between all the craziness at work I find myself day dreaming. I wonder what is going on at the house. Did my package ever arrive? Did the dishes finally wash themselves? Are the snails taking over the front porch? What I really want to know is what my dog is doing. I know what she use to do at the old house. Sleep in her doggie hammock and wish for better days. Well, those days are here. She has lived in 2 different states and many many different houses. This is by far the best yard she has ever been able to rule. Her and I have been together for almost 8 years. I nursed her when she was sick and helped her out when she ate that coconut husk, ouch! She is my first real pet and I love her so much. I suppose I can guess what she does all day. I know her well enough to figure it out. I think there is lots of bird chasing, lizard eating, hole digging, cat chasing and at least 1 solid nap. I guess when I put it all down she sounds like any old dog. I hope she is happy and knows I'l be home soon.

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