Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kiss the gazebo goodbye

In one of my first posts I mentioned that the Gazebo was "not as romantic as it looks". Well its true. Last night and the night before we have had a beautiful moon. As I was looking out the kitchen window and trying not to fixate on my friend the Trash Pile (now capitalized because it has been officially named). I was thinking how awesome it is going to be when we can sit out back and enjoy ourselves. As soon as the trash is gone and we bid the rotten gazebo farewell I hope to build a little tea house. Its something simple I saw in Sunset magazine. Simple open air platform with a pitched roof. Somewhere to sit and throw the ball.

As Trash Pile has overflowed from back to front I believe that I might miss him. He is comforting in a strange way. Something liberating about opening the back door and throwing the trash outside. I can see why people do this on a regular basis. I mean really, why take all the trouble to recycle? After a while I think we could get use to it. The only real problem is of course the trash is making it hard to pick the lemons. I really love to have lemons readily available. Dang trash.

The dumpster arrives friday morning. It truly will be a Good Friday.


mom said...

awsome! love a tea house!

Nelson said...

I cant wait to see what the hell our house looks like again... and with a bulk of the shiznit gone!

erica said...

that really is an impressive trash pile. we had one in our back yard for a couple months after we moved. it was so awesome when it was all cleaned up.

Christian says he likes the gazebo.

LBTudor said...
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