Monday, April 9, 2007

Trash day is fun day

The clean up is finally over. I can't believe it. 2 months and who knows how much money later, THE YARD IS CLEAN! No more dog shit, no more overgrown anything. No more creepy landscape. And that is just the back yard. We spent all weekend working our tails off. Friday I was off work and I hired the football player sized neighbor kid to come help me load. We had the whole bin almost filled. Saturday the husband got to help and did the complicated stuff. We removed all the bars, took down the awnings and busted up MORE cabinets from the garage. The dishwasher got thrown out. Nasty, the way I saw that appliance, there is nothing that I would have put in there that would have gone anywhere near my mouth. ICK-
Oh, as a bonus we dug up the stunning chain link fence and threw that piece of crap away. Question. Why would you spend the time and money to put a fence to nowhere? Just a question.
So now we can make dinner and look out our non institutionalized windows at our HUGE back yard. I'm actually a little worried on its size. Hopefully I will fill it with beautiful things and not crap. At least it will be our crap instead of someone else's crap.
How could I forget to mention. The gazebo got its ass kicked.

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