Tuesday, May 1, 2007

And the paint drips on.

I painted our bedroom today. Well, I painted most of it. I primed and put one coat of color on the walls. We decided on Clary Sage. Its nice. I need to do another coat and then the ceiling. I didn't do that ceiling first cuz I need the husband here to move the bed out. I don't know what the PO used to paint the crown moulding but it aint paint. I think its some kinda oil based something or another. Its on there and I actually like the dark trim. Its very Hemingway.

Some kinda antique white for the ceiling and the doors?

Ok, here is the dilemma of the moment. What to do about the doors. I think I might have them dipped and then i'll paint them. At least it will be fresh paint on fresh conditioned wood. But what about keeping them wood and just putting a sealer on them. I bet they are pine like the rest of the house. In that case I would have to stain them. Do I stain them the same as the windows and have it consistent throughout the house? Do I stain the windows in my room the same as the living and dining rooms?

Guess I'll have to have a cocktail and dream about it.

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