Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It might be the door to my heart.

The forces that be made me go back to work yesterday. Its another bad commute so I will not be working on the Muffin this week. Well, that is not true the 2 bedroom windows need to be hung and the blinds in the bedroom need to be put up. Hopefully by saturday. Maybe we can sleep in for "once in my life".

So here are pictures of the illustrious door. Last weekend we went to B&B Hardware and poked around. Its a good hardware store but everything has already been refurbished so its kinda pricey. We heard there is a door specialist there on saturdays. I hope we will make it back over there this weekend. I would like to take him the door and have him fix the holes and the bottom where the dry rot is real bad. As far as the glazing and replacing the windows, I think we have that part mastered.

The rag is plugging a huge hole where a broken deadbolt use to be and the plywood across the bottom is because I have not gone back to Broadway Glass to have more pieces cut. There is nothing keeping the door shut except for 1 dining room chair on the inside.

I think the whole thing is sexy and it makes me feel skinny. :)

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