Wednesday, May 9, 2007

No news is just boring

Sorry, there is nothing to report. I am still in the hellish vortex of the windows. We have 2 at the strippers one in the garage and 2 still installed that wont come out. That means I scrape in the living room now instead of the garage. I started at 9 this morning. Way too late. By 1:00 I had only finished 1/2 of 1 window and had to stop because the sun was drying the stripper before it had a chance to react. Tomorrow I start at dawn!

I had the door dipped and when Mike (we are now on a first name basis) saw it he asked, "are you sure?". Not a good sign. I said "hell, what's another 135 bucks? Screw it, dip away." It is pretty bad. Dry rot all over the bottom half and the PO had many different handles and latches put on and taken off. That whole area is thrashed I must have pulled a pint of wood filler from the inside. The security bars were drilled all the way through the door and had the washers on the inside. Nice to look at while we eat dinner. Some of the windows got broken while in the shop. Its a sad state of affairs.

Of course we decided to try and salvage it. I'll take some pictures tomorrow.

Its been really hot here. Our lettuce and dill got fried. I did spot a few tomatoes poking thru. Maybe I should be keeping better gardening notes for next year.

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